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Unrefined argan oil

Argan oil or "liquid gold" is a valuable natural skin and hair care product. Extremely rich in vitamin E, the strongest antioxidant, helps the skin in a fight against free radicals. Free radicals are caused by stress factors such as high and low temperatures, sun rays, wind and other negative effects (food as well) which can damage skin health and its structure. Argan also contains a large amount of vitamin A, omega 6 fatty and linoleic acid. These make the oil an effective fighter against the first signs of aging. It helps to maintain skin flexibility and adds smoothness and shine to your hair.
So why to include BUTTERS ARGAN OIL in your daily care?
  • It is quickly absorbed and does not leave any greasy residue.
  • It increases the tension of the skin – prevents the first signs of aging and helps to smooth wrinkles.
  • It moisturizes skin and hair, which reflects in healthy, smooth and shiny appearance.
  • It has been proven to reduce sebum levels in individuals with oily skin.
  • It is an effective treatment to soothe and heal after shaving.
  • Nourishes and restores hair, making them healthy and shiny again. It is recommended to apply argan oil on the hair for few hours or even better overnight.
Volume 100 ml
Ingredients Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
Use Spray a small amount of oil and massage it with gentle movements.
Warning For external use only. Store in original package, in cold place, away from heat and light. Not suitable for people who are sensitive to any ingredient in the product.
Other Suitable for vegans.



When I used shea butter for the fist time, I was sceptic because I thought my skin would remain greasy after application. In fact, before applying shea butter melts between your hands and then quickly absorbes into the skin. By regular use it helped me a lot to soften hardened skin on my feet and also in the care of dry skin.


Antiage butter has saved my skin! I have a very strong allergy and atopic dermatitis, so my skin is very sensitive and various additives such as fragrances in cosmetic products, simply does not tolerate. Antiage butter is compeltely natural, it  perfectly nourishes my skin and has a pleasant smell.

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