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Unrefined shea butter

Shea butter is obtained from the fruit of the Shea tree which grows in savannah of West and Central Africa. The word itself derives from the Bambaric word sii, which means secret. Natives recognized its positive effects on health and they exploited the knowledge for hundreds of years. To maintain her beauty, it had even been used by the Egyptian queen Nefertiti.

BUTTERS SHEA BUTTER contains high concentration of fatty acid, vitamin D, allantoin and antioxidant trio of vitamin A, C and E. It is ideal for dry, mature, cracking or calloused skin on the elbows and feet, which with regular use become soft and smooth again. It distinctively nourishes damaged skin caused by shaving, scars, burns or even abrasions and rashes caused by baby diapers. It effectively neutralizes free radicals and regenerates skin cells. It has the ability to hydrate the skin through absorbtion of moisture from the air and at the same time protecting from dehydration with the creation of thin film. The two processes combined ensure hydration and restored flexibility of the skin.

It protects skin against extreme weather conditions such as cold and wind. It is also a mild natural sun protectant, because it contains a natural sun protection factor of 4, but it is necessary to emphasize that it does not protect from harmful UV rays and sunburns.
Volume 100 ml, 250 ml
Ingredients Butyrospermum Parkii Butter
Use A small amount of butter warm between your palms and massage it with gentle movements.
Warning Not suitable for people who are sensitive to shea butter. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep under 25°C.
Other Suitable for vegans.



When I used shea butter for the fist time, I was sceptic because I thought my skin would remain greasy after application. In fact, before applying shea butter melts between your hands and then quickly absorbes into the skin. By regular use it helped me a lot to soften hardened skin on my feet and also in the care of dry skin.


Antiage butter has saved my skin! I have a very strong allergy and atopic dermatitis, so my skin is very sensitive and various additives such as fragrances in cosmetic products, simply does not tolerate. Antiage butter is compeltely natural, it  perfectly nourishes my skin and has a pleasant smell.

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