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Butters is the story of the treasures of the nature!

Their mission is to care and improve the look of skin as well the hair, but will probably raise the question, which treasures are we talking about?

We are talking about essential oils, oils, waxes and mainly butters, which are the basis of the line Butters. Welcome to the place, where you can learn more about their benefits  and have the possibility to choose  your favorite.

In the nature there are many different types of butters obtained from every single nut, seed or the whole drupe. Every butter or oil has different composition of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other fascinating ingredients, nevertheless they all have some things in common: If you are one of the lovers of the nature, natural and healthy products in general, then you know that in the market, you can lay your hand on many products like that and many different cosmetical resources for skin care.

Keep in mind that Butters butters are really something unique. They contain certified organic butter, which actively encourage skin functions and provide tension and smoothness. In short, a beautiful and healthy look.

Not only they contain different nutrient substances, which had already been mentioned, they are also processed with a special method; NO heating or melting at high temperatures. In this way, the nutrients are fully maintained so you can ensure your skin gets all what it needs and at the end most importantly - what it deserves.

Butters butters are nothing but pure and only natural fat in a form that is easy to use. Why is this important? Because many other similar products contain significant proportion of water which is added to the butters, and Butters butters do not. For this reason, there is no need to add preservatives to Butters butters as bacterias need water to survive.

Butters are 100 % organic, without artificial coloring agents, parabens and petrochemicals. Because they contain components solely from plants origin, they are also vegan-friendly.
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